Bouncy Floors

A common problem that we see is floors that feel spongy or bouncy as you walk across them. This can be caused by many things such as foundation settlement, inadequate support or the original metal jacks being rusted out.

Causes of Bouncy, Spongy Floors

As your foundation settles, the interior floors can take the majority of the deflection, as the wood floors are constructed over isolated pier blocks that cannot support as much weight as the perimeter concrete foundation. As this settlement occurs, the floors can become bouncy or feel unsupported.

Interior floors may also be bouncy simply because they were under-engineered and the joists are not able to provide adequate support for the floors.

One major issue that can escalate this problem can be poor or improperly installed drainage. It is important to install the correct drainage system around your home to collect surface water and subterranean water that may be traveling underneath your foundation.

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