Screw Jack Replacement

Screw Jack Replacement

We have a history of inspecting many homes for foundation settlement where we find that the foundation is level but there are signs of settlement in the home such as cracked walls and misaligned windows and doors. This is usually due to interior crawlspace support posts that have settled or existing screw jacks that have deteriorated, causing the interior floors to settle or sag.

Leveling Your Interior Floors

The interior support posts of your home can settle due to poorly controlled drainage which can cause seasonal movement from the clay soils in our area. When the interior floors settle you may notice that the floors squeak or feel spongy and you may notice furniture shake as you walk by.

We have many different kinds of screw jacks available because they are not one size fits all. They come in different sizes and weight capacities. In most cases the existing pier blocks can still be utilized and the post or deteriorated screw jacks are removed and replaced. Once the screw jacks are replaced then the interior floors can be adjusted back to level.

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Benefits of Using Screw Jacks

Screw jacks are very versatile and allow the user to adjust floors in very isolated areas. They can be installed quickly and carry weight immediately as well as having the advantage of easily being serviced for leveling rather than cutting new wood posts. One major benefit to having screw jacks installed is the ability to adjust them at a later date if needed.