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Homes that are built on expansive soil are subject to foundation movement and settlement over time. Even in new homes, foundations may move or shift. So the question is, how do you level sinking floors? Screw jacks, also known as adjustable floor jacks, are a useful tool when leveling sagging or uneven floors. When installing screw jacks, avoid doing this project yourself. Due to the dangers that are involved with this type of repair method, you need to hire an experienced professional installer. At Bay Area Underpinning, we have the skills and expertise to install screw jacks. We'll make sure the job is done right so your home is properly leveled and stabilized. Bay Area Underpinning are the screw jack installers for the Bay Area.

When basement floors or crawl spaces sag, they are often caused by weak joists, girders or posts. Construction is not always the reason for foundation failure. Other causes can be a result of heavy loads or home additions. If you suspect structural issues, contact our team of experts so we can look for insect activity, wood rot, or inadequate footings.

What is screw jack installation? Screw jacks consist of two steel tubes, one inside the other. The inside tube is threaded and can be adjusted with a wing nut. The pipe can adjusted up and down to the desired height for leveling the home's foundation.

  1. Our experts locate the sag to determine the placement of the screw jack.
  2. The screw jack is carefully placed under the mid-point section of the sag.
  3. The sagging floor is lifted. But before it is lifted, the post needs to sit on a solid, strong foundation to support the downward pressure and weight as it exerts upward.
  4. The base plate is positioned. Lead expansion anchors are plated onto the base plate to the concrete. The steel tubes are set in place and the post is raised to the desired height. Pins are inserted into the proper holes to lock the post in place.
  5. The screw jack is lowered with the top plate. The adjustable screw is raised until the top plate almost touches the timber.
  6. The screw is turned until the floor is properly leveled and stabilized.

When should screw jacks be replaced? Improper screw jack installations can eventually collapse. Some examples of poor installations include:

  • Inadequate bearing surfaces
  • No connection between the steel bearing plate and the joist underside
  • The screw jack has a bent steel plate
  • Unstable assembly causing the steel plate to slip or move off of the beam

If your screw jacks have these issues, we can replace your screw jacks. By installing them with the screw downward against the floor, this allows the post to be placed against a steel plate and onto the underside of the beam. Also, it lowers the chances of a bending steel plate.

Benefits of Screw Jack Replacement in the Bay Area, CA

  • Low risk of failure
  • Levels the home's floor
  • Adjustable with self-locking capabilities
  • Safer than hydraulic jacks
  • Diverse applications
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and reliable system design
  • Position accuracy

Contact Bay Area Underpinning for professional screw jack installation and replacement in the Bay Area, CA. We permanently fix sagging or sinking floors in your home by installing the latest foundation repair products on today's market. Our products and materials are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of foundation repair, basement waterproofing and anchoring products. Call us for a free estimate.

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