Resistance Piers & Push Piers

Resistance Piers are Installed to Permanently Stabilize your Foundation

Resistance Push Piers

resistance push piers

Resistance piers, commonly referred to as push piers, are a great solution if you are experiencing foundation settlement. With the installation of push piers on your foundation you can lift, level and permanently stabilize your foundation.

The Push Pier Process

Push piers consist of galvanized steel brackets that are mounted to the bottom of your foundation. Using a large hydraulic ram, a galvanized steel pier is then driven through the bracket until the pier reaches load bearing stratum. All the piers are driven until they meet the load requirements and are approved by the engineer of record. Once all the piers are driven then we are ready to lift and level the foundation. Using a synchronized hydraulic lifting system, the foundation is then lifted and leveled, restoring the foundation back to a more desired elevation.

After the lift is completed and the work is approved by the local building inspector then the lifting system is removed and holes are backfilled. Most people are surprised by how uninvasive the entire process is.

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Benefits of Push Piers

With our in-house engineers we are able to provide you with the most cost effective solution to your foundation repair needs. Our engineers utilize push piers when possible to provide the best repair method for your settled foundation.