Poly Foam Injection

Level Your Concrete & Eliminate Tripping Hazards

Poly Foam Injection

Uneven concrete can be a huge liability by creating trip hazards that can lead to injury to yourself, family or guests. Concrete walkways can move slowly over time and often go unnoticed until they become a potential hazard.

Why Does Concrete Settle?

There are many reasons that concrete can settle such as poor drainage, poor compaction, poor site conditions and tree roots. Often in our area it is most commonly due to the clay rich soils that expand and retract with moisture content. As soil becomes saturated with water, the clay expands and as the clay dries out it retracts. The constant change in the moisture content allows for unstable soil and for your concrete to move freely.

Releveling your concrete with polyurethane foam injection is a simple, minimally-invasive process. First, small 5/8” holes are drilled in the concrete in the area to be lifted, then the polyurethane is injected through ports that are placed in the holes. When the poly foam is injected into the port it flows underneath the concrete and reacts, expanding and filling the void under the concrete slab and lifting the concrete back into place, restoring your concrete back to a safe position and eliminating your trip hazards.

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Walk-way-before Walk-way-after
Driveway-after-Polyfill Driveway-before-Polyfill
Driveway-before-polyfill-1 Driveway-after-Polyfill-1
Front-Walkway-before Front-Walkway-after-polyfil
Concrete-Lifting-After Concrete-Lifting-Before

Benefits of Polyurethane Foam: “Raise it, Don’t Replace It”

There are many benefits to using polyurethane foam injection to level your concrete besides just eliminating trip hazards. The cost of doing the poly injection is usually less than half of what it costs to replace the concrete and once injected can be used immediately which is ideal in high traffic areas because there is no cure time.