Misaligned & Sticking Doors

Level Your Foundation to Permanently Fix Your Doors

Misaligned and sticking doors are good indicators that you may have some foundation problems. This is usually one of the first signs that you will see on the interior of your home when your foundation is experiencing foundation settlement.

How to Fix Your Sticking Doors For Good

When your foundation starts to settle you will start to get wall cracking and sticking doors. When you notice that your doors continue to rub, creak or even get stuck, then it is time for you to give your foundation some attention.

Foundation settlement can be corrected using deep driven piers such as push piers or helical piers along your foundation. The piers are driven deep to load bearing strata to provide a firm footing for your foundation to stand on. Once the piers are driven, then the foundation is leveled and floors restored to a level position, allowing your doors to move freely once again.

Let’s Fix Your Doors For Good

At Bay Area Underpinning, our foundation repair projects are engineered to perform. We take pride in our work and always do our best to provide you with the most cost-effective permanent solution that meets your needs. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote.