Chimney Pulling Away From House

Relevel Your Fireplace & Chimney

A common problem with older homes is the fireplace pulling away from the house. This is a problem that you want to address immediately. If a leaning chimney goes untouched it can start to affect the home’s foundation in the immediate area by dragging it down with it.

How Fixing Your Leaning Chimney Can Save You Money in the Long Run

As the fireplace starts to lean and pull on the adjacent structure, you will start to notice cracks forming in the masonry or on the interior walls in the surrounding area. By addressing this issue early on, you can hopefully eliminate costly additional work.

In most cases, you can underpin the fireplace with as little as two to four piers. Using push piers or helical piers you can lift and relevel your fireplace back to its original position without causing further foundation settlement to your home.

Bay Area Underpinning Can Fix Your Problem

With our experience, we can guarantee that we can get your chimney back to level. What may seem to be a difficult task, we do on the daily at Bay Area Underpinning.