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Resistance Piers, Resistance Piers Bay AreaBay Area Underpinning is the name you need to know when you need foundation repair in the Bay Area. We use ECP Steel Pier technology, which allows us to stay at the top of our game and keep your home on top of its stable foundation in the Bay Area. The Model 300 resistance piers used in the Bay Area are top-of-the-line, and have become a standard in underpinning repairs. These resistance piers, also known as push piers, will allow your home to rest on a stable footing and hold up to its proper load bearing standards. The design of the pier drives deep into the soil to support structures from the interior and exterior of the foundation, bypassing active soil. It is the leader of steel piering systems, well known for being the strongest and deepest driving pier system around. We have solutions for your foundation using our resistance piers Bay Area solutions.

This is a two-step system that drives the steel piers to a verified bearing stratum. When it reaches the load bearing soils, the hydraulic lifting system is then used to restore your foundation to its appropriate elevation. Once lifted, your foundation will once again provide the stability to give you peace of mind for your home.

This resistance pier is an end-bearing pier, which means that it does not rely on any type of friction to produce the support that it is installed for. All piers are load tested before being installed to assure that they meet all standards and will produce the type of support needed for the repair. This ensures maximum weight will be supported during and after restoration and load transfer.

Resistance Pier Installation in the Bay Area, CA

Each pier is individually driven while the entire structure is restored as a reaction. There is a friction reduction collar that is attached to the lead section of the pier pipe to allow for an opening in the soil to be created, which in turn reduces the friction and allows for the installer to load test the pier and verify when a firm rock or stratum is reached for maximum stability. High pressure jacks are attached in many locations and maneuvered by a hydraulic manifold. This reduces the load on the individual piers and only allows for the designed working load to be transferred to each pier.

Benefits of Steel Push Piers for California Foundation Repair

Foundation leveling with steel push piersSome of the benefits of our steel push piers include:

  • Ultimate Capacity – 79,000 lb
  • Maximum Field Test Load – 59,000 lb
  • 68 Square Inches Bearing Surface
  • Standard Lift – 4”
  • Fully Adjustable Unlimited Lift Capability
  • Installs From Outside or Inside Structure
  • Friction Reduction Collar On Lead Pier Section
  • 2-7/8”Diameter High Strength, Galvanized Tubular Pier
  • Installs With Portable Equipment
  • Installed With Little or No Vibration
  • Installs To Rock or Verified Load Bearing Stratum
  • 100% of Piers Field Load Tested During Installation
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

When you have foundation settlement issues, you can be sure our pier and underpinning solutions can definitely help get your foundation back to normal. Our resistance piers can assure the stability of your home.

Let the experts at Bay Area Underpinning get your foundation level in the Bay Area including San Francisco and Sacramento, CA.

Foundation Push Pier Installation Sequence

ECP Concentric Pier

ECP PPB-300 Steel Piers

300 Model Steel Piers Case Study - Sacramento, California

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