Foundation Leveling

Level Your Foundation Once and For All

Foundation Leveling

foundation leveling

If your floors are sloping and your foundation is unlevel, then you most likely need your foundation underpinned to lift and level your floors back to a more desirable level.

Foundation Leveling in Just a Few Easy Steps

If your doors and windows are out of plumb, floors slope and nothing in your home seems to sit level, then it is probably time for you to level your floors. These are all signs of foundation settlement, but in most cases can be corrected by underpinning your foundation and releveling your floors in the process.

The process of underpinning and releveling your foundation are not as scary as you may think. In most cases just a portion of the foundation has settled and therefore only the problem area may need to have work performed. Small excavations are made along the foundation in the affected area approximately six feet apart and an engineered piering system such as resistance or helical piers are installed along the foundation. Once the piers are installed, then the foundation is lifted and leveled using a synchronized hydraulic lifting system to restore the foundation back to level.

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