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Because they don't spend much time there, most homeowners in the Bay Area of California don't put much thought into their crawl space. It's probably not a place that you and your family spend a lot of time in. If anything, it may just be a place to store old belongings or holiday decorations. However, when it comes to structural integrity and the overall health of your home, your crawl space is extremely important.

crawl space screw jacks in bay area caYour crawl space is a major load bearing portion of your home. In order for your home to remain stable and healthy, your crawl space needs to be strong and free of moisture. Poor soil conditions can cause structural problems in your crawl space, such as:

  • Damp or rotting wood
  • Settling columns
  • Collapsing floor joists
  • Sagging Beams
  • Leaning crawl space supports

If these issues are present in your crawl space, you may have noticed certain problems in your home, including sloping floors, drywall cracks, and uneven window frames. A damp, weak, or rotting crawl space will cause these problems and more. Fortunately, Bay Area Underpinning has the perfect crawl space solution: screw jacks from ECP (Earth Contact Products). Our team of experts can install or replace your crawl space screw jacks to lift and stabilize your settling floors without using messy concrete.

Know When You Need Screw Jack Installation & Replacement

How do you know it's time to call a professional? Repairing sagging floors and failing crawl spaces isn't a DIY job. Not only is it unsafe, but using jacks and columns from your local hardware store will only be a temporary fix. If the root issue isn't addressed, (mainly, soil-related problems), your crawl space will never be fully repaired.

If you have noticed any of the warning signs of a failing crawl space, be sure to call Bay Area Underpinning. We can locate the soil issues surrounding your home and provide a permanent solution for your crawl space by installing screw jacks.

crawl space support piers in bay area caOur screw jacks offer the following advantages:

  • Supports, stabilizes, and lifts sinking floors
  • Can be installed in small areas
  • Made with corrosion resistant steel
  • Used for both vertical and horizontal support
  • Can be quickly installed
  • Affordable solution that increases home's value
  • Provides a permanent fix

These advantages make crawl space screw jack replacement services from Bay Area Underpinning a great option for your California home. Contact us right away to see how we can help you stabilize your crawl space.

Crawl Space Screw Jack Replacement for CA Homes

Sometimes, when lower quality screw jacks have been installed, moisture and humidity in your crawl space can cause them to deteriorate. If you have existing screw jacks that have rusted or worn away, Bay Area Underpinning can replace them with our high-quality screw jacks and construction-grade lumber. For extra protection against moisture issues, we can also install an encapsulation system along with the screw jacks.

Contact Bay Area Underpinning if you are in need of crawl space repair or screw jack replacement in the Bay Area, California. We are your number one contractor in the Bay Area of California! Call us today for a free quote.

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